Angela Granata is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Licensed Lactation Consultant currently serving families in Rhode Island. It was her own breastfeeding struggles that fostered the desire for Angela to become active in breastfeeding and chestfeeding support. Aside from being with her family, there is nothing that brings more joy to her life than being able to support families in their own nursing journeys. Angela began her own breastfeeding journey with the birth of her first child in 2013 and has been volunteering as a La Leche League Leader since 2015. As a member of the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA) and the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA), Angela is dedicated to staying up to date on the latest research and practices. She is especially interested in helping families who struggle with slow weight gain, tongue tie (ankyloglossia), and maternal breast issues. She is also a Summa Cum Laude graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.


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